Design Management

Offers a holistic overview of the value of design management, enabling the reader to examine the origins and development of its theory and practice, and explore the application of design to organisational vision.


About The Author

David Hands

Is a senior lecturer in Design Management at Lancaster University. He is also Course Leader for MA Design Management at the Imagination Lancaster Research Centre. He has written and published extensively on all aspects and themes surrounding strategic design management theory and practice.

Design Management is a discipline in continual motion – changing, responding and adapting to the ever increasing dynamics of social and business transformation. The value of design has grown monumentally since its embryonic stages in the late 1970s, and it now reaches far beyond the realm of industry and commerce, forging a strong presence within the public sector institutions and not-for-profit organisations. Design Management is, quite simply, the essential handbook to all things design. Highly international in its approach, the text is structured around four key perspectives – values, horizons, visions and futures. Each individual section is complemented by input from contributors, with industry leaders and policy makers offering real-world commentary.

Ultimately, Design Management represents an important and timely contribution to the discipline of design management itself, and correspondingly the development of product and service innovation. The book argues that design management is a key asset in organisational activity throughout a wide and diverse variety of industrial and geographic contexts within an increasingly globalized world. Engaging and accessible in style, Design Management offers students and practitioners everything they need to know to foster a climate of creative engagement.