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Kogan Page is the leading global independent publisher of Branding focused marketing business books. Founded in 1967, our award-winning work offers solutions for professional practice and academic development in print and digital form. Our Branding book authors are specialists from international commercial agencies and organisations including professional Branding and Marketing associations.

Our titles offer high-level, comprehensible, professional content to our readers in key subject areas including: Audio Branding, Brand Protection and TV Brand Building.

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Travel as a concept is universally attractive and the opportunities for fun, engaging branding and marketing in this sector are arguably limitless. Glamour and appeal aside, travel is a hugely competitive, multi-million pound industry and marketers of all sectors can learn important lessons from it. Catering for mass consumer travel, from business travel and adventure travel, to specialist and niche interests, the providers of escape have been impacted as much by technology as they have by the changing habits and desires of travellers themselves. The Escape Industry presents an expert view of travel marketing and branding, focusing particularly on how travel has been utterly transformed for both consumers and providers since the beginning of the 21st century. Mark Tungate focuses on some of the travel industry's most famous brands and shares how all marketers can learn from the indu ...

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